What is a check?

A Freshping check can be any one of the following 

  1. A website URL 
  2. A hostname or an IP address
  3. An internal IP address 

In Freshping, each URL that’s being monitored is called a check, they may sometimes be referred to as monitors. These checks are pinged continuously for every one minute from different locations.    

You can monitor the following type of applications with Freshping:

  • HTTP/ HTTPS checks
  • ICMP ping
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • WebSocket
  • DNS

Adding a new check

  • Click on the 'Add Check' button.

  • Select the type of monitoring to be performed. 
  • Enter the check URL/ IP address and give a name to the check. 
  • Select the users from the 'Who to alert?' list to whom the alert needs to be sent. You can assign users to the check and the selected users will only be able to receive alerts whenever there's a status change.  
  • Click Save.

Freshping has started monitoring your check. You'll receive alerts whenever there is a change in the status of the checks. 

Editing an existing check

  • For the check, you want to edit, click on the ‘edit check’ option
  • You can edit the check URL/ IP address/ Hostname of the check and related settings.