Freshping monitors the check’s(website URL) availability by pinging it at regular intervals. The monitoring interval is configurable based on one’s requirement.

We wait for a period of time for the check’s server to respond before marking it as down. This is referred to as the Response Timeout which can be set to any value between 1 second and to 30 seconds.

If a check is reported down during the regular monitoring interval, we don’t report the downtime immediately. Instead, we try to ping the same check from another location to ensure we drop any false positives.

Freshping has an Active and Paused state for a check. Only the active checks are monitored by the Freshping. 

How do we calculate the Uptime Percentage?

Uptime calculation in Freshping is straightforward. To get the uptime percentage, the number of seconds a check was UP is added to the number of seconds the check was not being monitored divided by the total number of seconds in a given time frame which is further multiplied by 100 to get the percentage. Isn’t this simple?

Let me illustrate it with an example.

Uptime percentage =

 Total Uptime + Total Paused Duration


Total Monitored Duration

*  100

For Example

Presently, If a website is down for 10 Mins and was paused for 20 mins in a day (1440 mins)

Uptime percentage =

84600 Seconds (UP)+ 1200 Seconds (Paused)


86400 (Total monitored duration)

*  100

= 99.31%