What is a Check?

In Freshping, a Check refers to the specifications configured to monitor an end-point. Checks can be performed for:

  • ICMP ping
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • WebSocket
  • DNS

Adding a new check:

1. Click on the 'Add Check' button.

2. Specify the monitoring conditions

3. Enter the check URL/ IP address and give a name to the Check

  • Add users under 'Who to alert?' 
  • These users will be notified if the monitored URL is down or taking time to respond

4. Click 'Add Check' to start monitoring

Once added, Freshping will monitor your URL and alerts you whenever there is a change in the status. 

Editing an existing Check

1. From your dashboard, identify the Check you'd like to edit and click on the menu button (represented by three vertical dots)

2. Click on the ‘Edit check’ option

3. This opens the Edit Check menu, where you can edit all the settings you had entered while creating the Check