The Organization or Org feature gives you centralized control over all your Freshworks accounts and agents.

Central to the Freshworks Platform is our concept of an Organization. It brings customer accounts across the Freshworks portfolio into one place. Admins at the Organization level can centrally configure password policies, single sign-on (SSO) policies, etc. for all of the accounts from one central portal.

Here are a few things you need to know about your Organization

  • Whenever you sign up for any product from the Freshworks suite, we automatically create a new Organization and generate a unique organization URL. It looks something like this: 

As agents, you can use this to log in and view your profile, and your accounts. As an Org Admin, you can configure various security settings, customize your Organization's details, and change any user's profile details. You can also subscribe to new products from your organization dashboard or from the Freshworks Switcher.


  • If you are the Org Admin, you can enable Agent and Contact Single Sign-On functionality and simplify the login experience for your users.
  • If you are the Org Admin, you can configure and manage security policies (custom password policy, default login policy, multiple custom login policies, enable single sign-on, etc) for all or any account in your Organization.

  • If you are the Org Admin, you can view all the users in your Organization and get visibility of all the important activities through audit logs.