Freshping checks if a website is available by pinging it at regular intervals known as polling intervals. The polling interval can be configured while creating the Check.

While monitoring we wait for your website's server to respond before marking it as down. This is referred to as the 'Response Timeout,' in Freshping, which can be set to any value between 1 second and to 30 seconds.

If a Check is reported 'down' during the monitoring interval, we don’t report the downtime immediately. Instead, we try to ping the same check from another location to ensure we drop any false positives.

Freshping has an 'Active,' 'Down,' and a 'Paused' state for a Check. Only the 'Active' and 'Down' Checks are monitored by Freshping. 

How the uptime percentage is calculated

Uptime calculation in Freshping is straightforward. To get the uptime percentage, the number of seconds a Check was marked 'Active' by Freshping is divided by the total number of seconds the Check has been running. This figure is further multiplied by 100 to get the percentage value.

Uptime percentage =

 Total uptime


Total monitored duration

*  100

Total uptime = Total monitored duration - downtime

Time spent in the 'Paused' state will not be subtracted while calculating downtime.

For example

If a website was down for 10 mins and was paused for 20 mins, over 24 hours (86,400 seconds), the uptime percentage would be calculated as follows:

Uptime percentage =

86,400 seconds - 600 seconds (downtime)


86,400 seconds (Total monitored duration)

*  100

= 99.53% 

Learn more about how Freshping works and how we prevent false positives here