HTTP response codes indicate whether a specific request has been successfully completed. They can be found in your email alerts under 'Error Summary' and the Check's reports under 'Response Summary.' They are grouped under five main categories:

1xx - Informational 

2xx - Success 

3xx - Redirection 

301 - Moved permanently 

302 - Found 

304 - Not modified 

307 - Temporary redirect 

308 - Permanent redirect 

4xx - Client error 

400 - Bad request 

401 - Unauthorized 

402 - Payment required 

403 - Forbidden 

404 - Not found 

405 - Method not allowed 

413 - Request entity too large 

5xx - Server error 

500 - Internal server error 

502 - Bad gateway 

503 - Service unavailable

504 - Gateway timeout 

Connection timeout/ Connection refused error- Request handshake failed at the TCP layer itself. 

Read timeout error - After a successful handshake at the TCP layer, the Check failed at the HTTP layer. Freshping waits for the duration set under the 'Request Timeout' setting. If a response is not received within that period, we mark the URL as 'down' with 'Read timeout error.'

Error summary in the alert email

Error summary as seen in an email alert

Response summary under Reports

Response summary under Reports