Freshping Checks are sent from our servers around the world. If you are running a firewall, you will need to whitelist our monitoring servers' IP addresses

Here's a list of the locations and their IP addresses:

  1. US East (North Virginia)  -,
  2. Asia Pacific (Tokyo)  -
  3. EU (Ireland)  -
  4. Asia Pacific (Singapore)  -
  5. Canada (central)  -
  6. Asia Pacific (Sydney)  -
  7. US West (Oregon )  -
  8. Asia Pacific (Mumbai)  -
  9. South America (Sao Paulo)  - 
  10. EU (London)  -

It is also possible that our monitoring server's user agent is being denied access by your server.  Any hits from Freshping can be identified via the user-agent string: FreshpingBot/1.0 (+

If what you're registering are false positives, click here to learn more.