There are seven main errors website monitoring errors that can be encountered:

  • Unable to connect to the server 
    • The connection timeout results from this error. This is because the server that’s being pinged is down or unreachable.

  • DNS lookup problem
    • Incorrect spellings or domain names result in this error.

  • Connection refused by the server
    • Internal server issues or Overloaded web servers result in this error.

  • Connection Timeout 
    • Connection was established but the HTTP web page took time to load and hence the connection timed out.

  • Internal Server Error (500)
    • The server reported an internal error.

  • Bad Gateway(502)
    • The web server is down as a result of miscommunication between gateway and server.

  • Server Unavailable (503)
    • The web server is currently unavailable to process the request.

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