Apdex is a measure of user satisfaction that works by gauging the response time of web applications and services. It is based on a user-set threshold. If the response time is under the threshold, it is considered satisfactory. Any response time greater than the threshold is considered unsatisfactory.

Configuring the Apdex response threshold in your Check

From your Freshping account's dashboard, click on the individual Check's menu button, represented by three vertical dots. Then:

1. Click on the 'Edit Check' option and scroll to 'Advanced monitoring settings'

2. The 'Apdex response threshold' set as 750 ms by default

3. Change the 'Apdex response threshold' to any desired value between 0 ms to 1000 ms.

4. Scroll down and click on the Save button

The 'Apdex response threshold' for this Check will be updated. The Apdex response threshold can also be set while creating the Check in the same way

Note: Apdex response thresholds changed en masse. You will need to edit each check's threshold individually.

Apdex response threshold can be found under Advanced monitoring settings