Types of Users

Admin - Admins can log in to the account. They can add, edit, and delete a check. They will also have access to add users but will not be able to remove the Owner from the account. Will receive alerts.

Readonly - Read only users can log in into the app but can only view Dashboard and Reports. They will not be able to add or remove users. Will receive alerts.

Contact -  Contacts will receive alerts but will not be able to log in. 

Freshping sends out uptime, downtime and weekly reports for every check that's being monitored. While adding a check you can choose any number of users to receive alert for that particular check.

Adding a new User

  • Go to settings

  • Choose ‘User management’ option

  • Add username and mail ID of the user you need to add

  • Select the access level. There are three access levels 'admin', 'readonly' and 'contact'

  • Click on 'add user'

Enabling weekly reports and alerts

To enable weekly report emails and alerts, you can follow these steps by yourself for all the users under your account:
  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Click on the User Management tab.
  3. Toggle the Weekly Report and checks alert button for the users you want to subscribe to.