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Freshping & Freshstatus Intergration

It seems weird to me how you can have an arguably nicer looking status page; with paid monitoring, but the same company offering free monitoring.

I'd like to them put into 1 service or at least an integration in the future.

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You can request early access via the integrations page. 

However, I look at Fresh Ping for more of an IT Infrastructure Tool & FreshStatus for a Front to Your End Users or Customers. 

It makes sense for the FreshStatus to be a paid product. 

@Noah - We are already working on the Freshping - Freshstatus integration. It is scheduled to launch in few weeks time. If you are interested, I can add you to the early access list to try out the integration. 

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I'd be interested too. 

I'd be interested too. 

I'd be interested too.

I'd be interested too.

Any updates on this? The last official response from over six months ago says above that it was to have been out in a few weeks time...

I just signed up with Freshping because I assumed there would be a Freshstatus integration. But it's not?! :(

Every quarter or so I inquire in here or via support ticket as to when the FreshPing/FreshStatus integration will be available. Every time I am told, "in a few weeks"... it's now been well over a year??

Hi David/ All, 

I completely understand the disappointment you have and I apologize for the experience. The integration between Freshping and Freshstatus had been long pending and I'm with you on this. 

We have started prioritizing these and the recent release of Pause Monitoring and Performance Alerting was a result of that. In the line-up, we have already started aligning small products (i.e. Freshping/ Freshstatus) with other Freshworks products write from the login experience. As a next step, we have started to work on integrating with other Freshworks products. 

Before the end of Q2, you'll see Freshping <> Freshstatus integration go live and it's my word. The code is already in the testbed and we are reiterating to fix few bugs before we push it out along with few other line items. 

Will circle back to this thread soon it's out.


Kalyan Ram

Director - Product Management

Hey Kalyan, Is there any reason we were promised times that were wrong, and why should we trust your estimated release time? I’m just confused on why we weren’t even invited to the early access when we said we wanted to join. Hopefully you understand my (and the others in this thread) concern.

Is there any further update on this? The end of Q2 is passed and this is still not available. My customers are very keen to see this live so we can have some level of automation on their Freshstatus page.

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We've already ended Q2 of 2020, still no updates?
Nobody is giving us the same information and there has barely been any updates from the team, what gives?

"Before the end of Q2, you'll see Freshping <> Freshstatus integration go live and it's my word." - It's past Q2 and I'm starting to doubt that I'll ever see this feature surface.
I'm ultimately confused about why a feature that we were told was in early access over a year ago hasn't even be released yet and the team is unwilling to provide us information regarding it.

An update, even if it contains a delayed release date, would be better than this.

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@Noah @ Graham Kett @all others in this post

I can completely understand how you feel and I sincerely apologise for my inability to deliver this feature by Q2. 

If a feature is ready we don’t have to hold it from releasing - Trust me. 

The challenge we face currently in making the release, has a strong reason to it and delay is happening for good.

  1. Not a well thought use cases: 1 to many and many to 1 relationship between Freshping to Freshstatus integration

You will all agree that a check in Freshping can be associated to either 1 or many Freshstatus service components or vice versa. This wasn’t planned during the initial design. Freshping Checks were mapped to a single service (1 to 1 mapping).

This might lead to a painful configuration nightmares, if you have 1 to many use cases. The new screen flow had been re-designed to accommodate this use case.

2. Avoiding Micro-downtimes incidents

What if there is a micro-downtime in a Freshping check? Does it need to create an Freshstatus incident? How can we avoid creating 1 min downtime incidents in Freshstatus. This needs to be well thought out too. 

With the new flow, the Webhooks configuration screen in Freshping will have a filter to avoid these micro-downtime incidents.

3. Changes planned in Freshstatus cascading the release delay

As I write this, Freshstatus is going through some changes.

  • Incident creation: Through Templates or by Cloning an existing incident
  • Private Incident: Similar to Public incidents, you can create Private incidents which can be viewed only inside the app and not in public status page.
  • Incident Source tracking: If System, through integration, creates an incident, how would you know who created this new incident and what’s the origin of the incident?

Though there are few more changes getting developed in Freshstatus, the above 3 changes are influencing the delay as well. 

You can refer to the Add Rule screen (1st image in this post) above for more context. 

By now, you could understand that the delay is happening for the good reason and we are holding back from releasing a feature which is half ready. 

All these could be wiped off as reasons, but trust me… we are doing it right for you all (Including our Free plan users).

Thank you for reading this far and understanding. We are aiming to release the integration during this quarter. I had a series of discussion with our engineering to make it happen. 

Again, please accept my apology. We’ll try our best to make it happen in this quarter. 


Kalyan Ram
Director Product Management - Freshping & Freshstatus
Freshworks Inc. 

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