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Freshping & Freshstatus Intergration

It seems weird to me how you can have an arguably nicer looking status page; with paid monitoring, but the same company offering free monitoring.

I'd like to them put into 1 service or at least an integration in the future.

You can request early access via the integrations page. 

However, I look at Fresh Ping for more of an IT Infrastructure Tool & FreshStatus for a Front to Your End Users or Customers. 

It makes sense for the FreshStatus to be a paid product. 

@Noah - We are already working on the Freshping - Freshstatus integration. It is scheduled to launch in few weeks time. If you are interested, I can add you to the early access list to try out the integration. 

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I'd be interested too. 

I'd be interested too. 

I'd be interested too.

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