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Dependencies and alert levels

Freshping is on to a good start.  The interface is nice.

Freshping needs 

  • Dependencies to prevent a flood of alerts if an edge router dies (I got sick of monitus promising this but never delivering).  
  • Maintenance windows (that cascade through the dependencies).
  • Automatically generate PDF uptime reports configurable across any time period for a range of devices.

Our staff don't want awakened at 3am for a minor website going down so there needs to be:-

  • Per device alert levels 
  • End user contact groups (e.g. on-call, daytime-only).
  • Configurable time windows    (24/7, working hours, daytime only, night time)

Currently using nodeping as it does most of the above but it's a bit "clunky".

Also SMS and voice alerts need to be integrated.  I don't want to be setting up and debugging 3rd party services like Twilio.  It's an extra layer of billing/support/faultfinding I just don't need.

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