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Grouping monitors

I have multiple monitors per platform or project that requires certain checks and so the list looks a bit cluttered. Even when prefixing the names with their projects.

It would be cleaner if it were possible to group certain monitors together and display them in a structured way. Perhaps even include a summary of the groups stats. 

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Hi @Ducktales, 

This is again a long-pending ask of Freshping. I see the need for having this feature especially when you have more than 30+ monitors. We've have considered building this feature for this year. But we are trying to juggle between a few critical ask as well. Will certainly keep you posted, soon we start the active development of this feature.


Kalyan Ram

I guess for most cases it may be fully enough to implement just "tagging" of checks  - one additional (free text?) field in checks configuration called "tag" or something. Contents of that field then may be added to alert email notifications (preferably in subject) and also passed to other integrated applications.

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