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UDP check enhancement

Freshping has exactly what I need which is to monitor udp but an enhancement is needed for what I want and maybe you guys will consider this as a suggestion. 

In an UDP check you need to specify a command string, but I need to send something that's not really a string. It's a string + some outputs of the PHP "chr" function, which is not really possible to copy and paste into the textbox. 

As an alternative I'm monitoring a php webpage which connects to the multiplayer server via ip and via fsockopen, if it's down the webpage returns a 404.

An example: if you have a multiplayer server with ip and port the exact command is

"SAMP" + chr(192) + chr(168) + chr(10) + chr(5) + chr(7777 & 0xFF) + chr(7777 >> 8 & 0xFF) + "i" (a single chosen character)

Would appreciate if this would be possible within freshping.


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