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Interface language

It would be great to be able to translate the various texts of public status pages like "ALL UP", "LAST UPDATED", "Avg. Response time" and so on :)

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Hi Jean,

I have taken this as a feature request and forwarded it to our Product team. We will keep you posted. 

+1 for this - we would totally need translated / translatable public statuspage:

  • "All is well"
  • "Subscribe" (and everything behind)
  • "days ago", "Today"
  • "Operational"
  • "Incident History"
  • "Degraded Performance", "Partial Outage", "Major Outage", "Maintenance"

And so on...

I agree with this. And I would prefer a TRANSLATABLE than a translated public status page :)

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Yeah, this service needs to be available worldwide!

Any update on this feature request?

Hi Michel, 

We have started doing a similar exercise with Freshstatus. The plan is to extend these basic customizations to Freshping as well. Tentatively before the end of Q3, you'll see these changes go live. 


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Yuhu! great news! thank you guys!

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