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Status Pages

Fan of the Status pages in Freshping? Tell us how can make them even more powerful.

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I have just started to use FreshPing, I was just wondering if there was any plans to add a 'news' feed to the product. So i can put on the status page, why a service is down, and when it is expected to be repaired?

Would nice if status indications could be embedded more specifically, more tersely, on a service basis. This way it would integrate more easily to the page/website where it is shown. Instead of having to link to a whole status page. For example:

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1. We wanted to know if there is anyway we can show RCA in public status page. 

2. Also we wanted to know if there is any support to mark a website down only if it has failed consecutively 'N' time like the AWS ELB health check? 

3. If there is a way to pause the monitoring for certain amount of time. 

Just a feedback, I think it would have been a lot better if the support questions were answered quickly. 

@Shyam @Brightfish @Arun - Thank you for your valuable feedbacks. We are working on an enhanced status page module which will cover almost all the feature requests mentioned above. It will have the capabilities like creating public and private status pages, creating scheduled maintenance, Adding custom components, RCA, subscribe-to-updates for your customers, badges, etc. We are planning to launch it in Q1 2019. I will post an update here in this thread when we launch it. 


Miran P M

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I feel the same way and really need to be able to add comments or notes to the pages.  Following for updates

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no ben10

Would like the ability to add a custom message at the top of a status page that we could add/edit/remove.


For example:


We are aware of an outage in the region.  We are currently investigating and will update this page as soon as we know more.


This would cut down on support calls and be perceived better by users if the site is truly down.  At least they know we are on top of it.  Would be a nice feature then we could better control the narrative during an outage and use this to communicate the status.



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@Jeremy Carter - We are working on it and it will be launched in few weeks time. I will post an update here in this thread when we launch it.


Miran P M

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Is there any way to customize, change, or disable the state emoticon on the public status page?

Badge snippets like Uptime Robot, please.

Localization support like

With dropdown widget and page query (?locale=pt)

Add response time breakdown or waterfall like

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Has there been any updates to this? Having these features would certainly be very helpful to use freshping  status pages.

Response time in status page would be awesome. 

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