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Why the page always loads for me, with a heartbeat line. :(... Is there any issue on my account?

Why is that I get alerts even when my page is loaded perfectly? I have got instant Up and Down alerts from your application

Hi Karthick,

For the loading issue, Please try force logging out using this url : 

and then try re-logging in using the below url:

Hope this fixes your issue.

Hi Kumar,

They could most probably be a micro downtime. Many of our high sensitive customers want to be alerted for micro downtimes. If you do not wish to be alerted for micro downtimes, we have recently introduced "Low Sensitivity" feature. Low sensitivity triggers email alerts only when the URL is continuously down (or up) for at least 2 minutes. High sensitivity alerts are triggered immediately. 

Note: Alert sensitivity is for email alerts & works only for URLs monitored in 1 minute intervals.

You can enable it from Settings > Account settings > Change sensitivity to LOW > Save

Let me know if this helps. 

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