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We are a small domain administrator startup - how do I use this app effectively?

For HTTP/HTTPS checks is there a way to check if a specific keyword is present on the page (in the body of the response) ?
I have some websites that answer with a 200 HTTP code even if the database is down, with "Database connection failed..." -_-
Regards and nice job guys ! :)

@SuperToma - I'm afraid it is not possible to do keyword check currently. We will soon be working on this feature. We will keep you posted. Thanks for your feedback and support. 

Thank you @Miran for your answer !
Your product is really nice, simple, well designed and doing the job.
I think I'll stop Pingdom :D
I remain attentive on your developments on this feature.

I could use an advice on how to effectively set up monitoring of smtp / mail
Just adding a tcp monitor on port 25 doesn't seem to be enough.
If I increase the response time from 1000ms / 1s to max ~5s, then I get intermittent indication of the mail server is running

Thank you in advance

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