Users can only be added by existing users with Owner- and Admin-level clearance. 

Adding a new user

  • Go to Settings > User management > Invite user (located at the top-right corner)

  • Add the email ID and name of the user you'd like to add

  • Select the access level/role. There are three access levels that can be assigned to new users 'Admin', 'Read-only' and 'Contact'

  • Click 'Add' to add them

Types of Users

User types are governed by the level of access granted to them. The different access level in Freshping are:

Owner -  The account owner is the highest level of access. There can be only one owner per account. Owners can create, edit, and delete checks; they can add users, remove them and change their access levels. Owners can also transfer ownership to other admins. 

Admin - Have the same access level as the owner barring the ability to remove the owner from the account. 

Read-only - These users can log in to the account, but can only view the checks assigned to them.

Contact - These users can only receive alerts.