You can integrate Freshping with any other application that you use via a Webhook integration.

- Start by navigating to Settings > Integration > Webhook

- Click on +Create Integration

In the sidebar that opens:

1. Give your Webhook integration a name

2. Select the type of event that should trigger the webhook

3. Specify the Checks that need to be affected by the event

4. Add a callback URL to trigger the Webhook

If the Webhook integration requires authentication, check the 'Requires basic authentication' box and add the username and password.

- To add a custom Webhook payload, select 'Advanced' and edit the payload below

- Hit save to create the Webhook integration

Please find the webhook payload below for your reference:

  "text": "Test Check ( is DOWN.",
  "check_id": "1",
  "check_name": "Test Check",
  "check_url": "",
  "request_timeout": "30",
  "request_location": "US East (N. Virginia)",
  "request_datetime": "2021-08-16 20:00:11 +00",
  "response_status_code": "503",
  "response_summary": "HTTP ERROR 503",
  "response_state": "Reporting Error",
  "response_time": "20"
  "event_data": {
    "org_name": "test org",
    "event_created_on": "2021-08-16 20:00:11.598692+00:00",
    "event_id": 5001,
    "org_id": 1,
    "webhook_type": "AL",
    "webhook_id": 1