Hosting your Freshping status page on a custom domain

You can host your Freshping status page on your own domain. To get started:

Part 1: Setting up your custom domain

1. Go to 'Status' on the left side menu bar and either create a new status page or edit an existing one.

2. In the configuration screen, click 'Advance settings'

3. Add your custom domain under 'Custom domain URL' 

4. Once your URL has been added, the 'Create and generate CNAME' button should appear. Click it

5. Now, the CNAME name and CNAME value fields should be auto-populated. Copy these fields

Part 2: Adding a record in your Domain Control Panel

1. Log in to your domain control panel

2. Go to the DNS or Name Servers section

3. Create a new CNAME record and enter your custom URL under the 'Name/Host/Alias' field

4. Under the 'Points to' field, enter the ''

5. Enter a time to live (TTL) between 10 minutes to 1 hour, or leave this field in its default settings

6. Save these changes

Representative image from GoDaddy's domain control panel

Part 3: Creating a CNAME record to verify your custom domain

1. In your domain control panel, create a new CNAME record. Paste the CNAME name and CNAME value (generated in Part 1) into the 'Host' and 'Points to' fields respectively

2. Enter a time to live (TTL) between 10 minutes to 1 hour, or leave this field in its default settings

3. Save these changes

Part 4: Verifying if your records

1. Go back to your status page's configurations screen

2. Click the 'Verify' button next to 'Step 2 CNAME Verification

3. On successful verification, the button will change to a 'Verified' label

Known issues 

Note: If you are unable to successfully verify, it could be due to the CNAME value from Part 3. Ensure that only the subdomain name (appended at the end of the CNAME value) is added and the rest of the domain name isn't.

For example: If your custom domain URL is '', your CNAME value may look like ''. Ensure you copy the value till 'status' and remove the rest while pasting it into your domain control panel.

Configuring a custom SSL certificate:

  • Create a new status page or edit an existing one
  • Add a custom domain and generate the CNAME values (See above for instructions)
  • Click on the 'Get SSL' button to initiate your request.

  • Raise a request for an SSL certificate via the dialogue box that opens.
  • Check your inbox periodically for an email from our provider. Once you receive the email, please follow the instructions in it to confirm your request for an SSL certificate. 

  • Once your certification has been approved, wait for a few days for an update from us with the ELB name to create a DNS record. 
  • Copy and paste the ELB name provided and create a DNS record with it in your domain control panel.
  • Once your DNS change is complete (it can take about 24 to 72 hours), you should be able to see a lock icon on your address bar whenever your visit your status page. 

Note 1: Custom Domain SSL Certificate is available only in the Garden plan.

Note 2: The custom SSL certificate will work only as long as your status page URL and the URL you mentioned while submitting the request are the same. In case you reconfigure your Freshping status page to point to a different domain, your connection will no longer be secure.